How Celigo Gmail-NetSuite Integration Can Enhance Business Operations

Today, you can use Celigo Gmail integration apps to improve business operations. The benefits for such integration with cloud software like NetSuite to your business are almost inexhaustible, including the ability to track vital Gmail communications within NetSuite. Right inside NetSuite records, other teams and staff in your company may also follow Gmail communication activity.

Here's why you want to swiftly deploy Celigo NetSuite/Gmail integration:

As magentonetsuite integration from Celigo App user, you can leverage Gmail integration for NetSuite to view and manage specific NetSuite files, for instance invoices and orders from inside Gmail without glitches. For example, when you receive approval of a quote from a prospective customer, the integrated system will evaluate the text of the email message to track keywords like the quote number or customer ID and shows the corresponding record in Gmail. This would enable any NetSuite user to update details on the quote (or the tracked customer record) and move it up the sales process right away from inside the email massage. 

Another way to utilize Gmail integration for NetSuite is linking targeted messages to NetSuite records and seamlessly viewing the communication from within NetSuite. As a NetSuite user, you'll be able to see Gmail messages as massage objects inherent to NetSuite. As a result, there's enhanced visibility into the longer thread of correspondence with your customer, no matter if the correspondence was sent and received from NetSuite or through Gmail.

Did you know that you can create new NetSuite files by logging in from Gmail? Yes, that's possible, thanks to Celigo Gmail integration for NetSuite. There will be no need to supply the same customer details twice when you have NetSuite integrated with Gmail.

Support of the OpenID protocol is another strength that Celigo has leveraged to create an integrator that facilitates flawless back and forth between NetSuite and Google Apps. When you attempt to access NetSuite from Gmail for the first time, you'll be asked to supply your credentials for both Gmail and NetSuite. But all future log-ins will be authenticated and verified seamlessly behind the scene by the integrated solution via OpenID.

Now is the time to implement Gmail integration for NetSuite if you haven't so far. The integration will save you time and stress, with enhanced visibility into NetSuite customer records and communications from within Gmail. Synchronizing the two disparate platforms also lets you update customer records in NetSuite from within your Gmail messages. Know how to Use Celigo Gmail integration apps to improve business operations here!