CeligoIpaas Integration Platform for NetSuite

NetSuite is known as the most fastest growing ERP system in the world. Being a cloud-based ERP software, it works 24/7 to assist your enterprise run more efficiently and at a minimal cost. Users can use the software to run their entire company operations across each department from just one platform. The beauty of net suite is that it has personalized its functionalities to cater to the needs of any enterprise in the world. It has in fact managed to allow firms to operate more succinctly for them to accomplish their future goals.

The rich support features of net suite at http://support.celigo.com/hc/en-us/articles/217438048-How-to-switch-between-Sandbox-and-Production - make it a superior alternative to the other on premise ERP systems. It provides everything an enterprise could ever dream of, starting from sales support, human resource, inventory, marketing and so on. With time, the net suite has slowly replaced the need for customized systems such as QuickBooks and Salesforce. Net suite ensures that your business experiences regular operations which you can easily predict. This article, therefore, highlights some of the features of an integrated net suite platform.  

You can use net suite and google apps to improve your operations. By incorporating google apps messaging and collaboration tools with NetSuite, your enterprise will be able to increase its user productivity, enhance its visibility and accelerate its entire business processes. Features such as calendar integration, a single sign-on, and contextual information make it very easy to manage and access various tools such as performance dashboards, client information, financial documents and emails that exist in the cloud without the need for more servers or databases and back-ups to manage.

An automated integration between Magneto 2 and net suite will help you to accelerate your business sales. The advantage of the integration between Magneto 2 and net suite ERP does not only stop at accelerating sales, but it also ensures that there are timely order fulfillment and accurate product availability. It also captures real time status of orders, cancellation, and refunds. Further to this, one can receive expert help on how best they can use their net suite, Magento, and cloud integration to smoothly run their enterprise operations from the online support system.

Finally, by using Celigo to integrate Magneto with NetSuite, you will be able to focus all your attention on selling your products. The main reason is that the integration will ensure that all your business operations like inventory management will be streamlined and standardized throughout all the different branches that company has in multiple locations. Sync your NetSuite and Google Contacts here!